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    <IMG SRC=>
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    "Hey y'all, watch this."
  3. fart jokes are out with stern man ...

    their not funny anymore
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    why you looking so smug little man? no ones gunna sell you cigs or booze looking like that
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    do you get tiered of wearing baby clothes?
  6. TGregg


    "My favorite past time is floating naked down the river on my back yelling 'Open the Drawbridge!'"
  7. My other ride is a foot.
  8. Pull my finger.

  9. ( THinking)

    I really don't give a shit what big people think. Yea, I"m from another star system, the rest of us will be here soon.
  10. fhl


    I know you didn't believe what the Saudi courts do to people for stealing, so I brought this back to prove it.
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