Capitulation-- SUV's

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Trend Fader, May 13, 2004.


    Very interesting. I think the high oil prices right now are a very good thing because the demand for those prius hybrid cars are through the roof.

    Because of the demand.. this will spur a frenzy of automakers to get the ball rolling on more efficient cars... in the long run this will benefit the US and the world tremendously. Its about time.

  2. i hear those hybrids are very disappointing. only get 60% to 70% of advertised mileage.

  3. If the gas prices stay high.. I am sure they will take the technology to a level unimaginable. When there is a demand and big money to be made.. innovation is at its best.

    I can envision cars that will do 100mpg in the future.