Capitulation Soon: This Market is going to Drop

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  1. I am very bearish on this market and very defensive.

    ECONomy The gov can't BAIL out everyone can they?....and many more bank failures, builders, financials will crack. $25 Bil for the Big 3 is up next as the auto industry and GM is hurting big time and there is no quick rebound for auto sales in the near future. Lehman is teetering. Bear, Freddie Fannie,.....who's next? Merrill, Wachovia, WAMU? We are just getting into it, maybe half way to weeding out all the financial problems.

    Recession...Jobs being lost and unemployment is just starting

    Housing Depression is going to be here for a while as foreclosures will increase.

    Market will see capitulation and it will be a big big drop......Markets gonna roll over....

    Just the way I see it......
  2. market is going to go up way before any good "fundamentals" start showing up, it is going to go up when everyone least expects it to. I think a 12% spike in ^vix says something, as well as spiking 12ish% only a few days prior.
  3. Have to get some much higher volume before capitulation rings the bell.

    Besides, it's about jobs, and that trend is on a one way, downward staircase.
  4. Depression 2.0

    Just stock up on canned food and shotgun catridges :D

    Am waiting for US Govt Debt to be downgraded, maybe BB-
  5. which stores carry a good selection of canned food? i need some variety if the depression is a long one.
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    VIX above 30 buy above 35 STRONG BUY
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    VIX above 30 buy above 35 STRONG BUY.

    I would have thought by now the DOW would have put in a solid one day drop of 6-8% due to just all the negative news, nothing yet. Its been a slow drop, however, I think the DOW does see new 52 week lows before heading back to 12k.
  8. We take out this years low.
    Like I said in another thread. Just way too much going on for this to be one of the shortest weakest bear markets on record.
  9. not exactly shortest, we've been in a bear market for a year now basically, another 6 months and i think we will be out, stocks should head up by end of 2008 beginning of 2009 THEY MAY make new lows before that i have no idea.

    frankly my portfolio has taken a haircut what can i do.. lol
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    True, with every bit of bad news I still cannot believe how the DOW is still trading above 10k. This bear market will last longer than many expect. I highly doubt this will be the shortest bear market on record, there is no catalyst to take this market from bear to bull, the only thing people expect to turn this market around is a bottom in housing, that is at least 5 years away so I see a sideways market for many years.
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