Capitulation day! All up from here

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  1. My broker called me early in the morning asking me to add more cash for my margin account. Margin call.

    I'm maxed out i told him. And he said he had to liquidate some of my positions. I requested that if they would sell my positions if they could do it at the end of trading day.

    Anyway, thanks to the rebound in the afternoon, my broker said i need not liquidate my shares.

    I see no other way but up from this level.

    Tomorrow we gap at the open by at least 5% and will never look back.

    The bear market is over!!!
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    yes, and we all lived happily ever after .:confused:

  3. Even if the market open,s up
    The stock that have taken a beating are not coming back to the levels they were before.
    Stocks fall faster then the it take them to climb higher
    I just hope all the short sellers come out tomorrow to cover their ass as they cannot short naked any more
  4. todays rally was a purely SHORT COVERING RALLY-they all knew what was coming before it was announced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    only dumb retai investors got hosed by the rally-investment banks anf funds are long now (temporarily)
    there is more to go down-another 1000 points at least-dow 9600-later not sooner
  5. I think it is a sucker's rally too. Watch me be wrong.
  6. What does "capitulation" mean? I see it all over the place here.
  7. It means the sellers all sold and there is no one left to sell which means the price then reverses. Once it goes higher than either more sellers will be attracted and it'll go back down, or the rise will attract more buyers and it'll go up. Best to sit back and see who wins and enter on a pullback.
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    The Plan is not that great, and may end up with shareholder dilution ! That govt get shares for taking banking debt !

    SEC was a wanker to stop short selling on witching day.

    FREE markets a dead ! Long live USSA
  9. Judging from what the overseas markets are doing (China +9% overnight, FTSE +7%, many Europe financial stocks +35%,) you don't want to get in front of this. Fade at your own risk.
  10. You should still lighten up a bit to avoid another margin call. You're too leveraged from your description.
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