Capitalist Pig sues J. Cramer

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  1. Jonathan Hoenig Files Suit Against
    James J. Cramer and

    CHICAGO, February 21, 2003 -- Jonathan Hoenig announced today that he has filed a lawsuit against James J. Cramer and (NASDAQ: TSCM) for defamation. Mr. Hoenig's complaint alleges that Cramer made untrue statements that harmed Mr. Hoenig's reputation in his business as a hedge fund manager and financial commentator.

    Specifically, on September 10, 2002, Cramer wrote a column, published by, about the worthlessness of a company known as Broadwing. In the column, he recommended not purchasing the stock even though others recommended it. Cramer further wrote: "Wouldn't it be terrific if I could be like Jonathan Hoenig, who on national television urged people to buy Kmart at a buck and change because, well, who the heck knows?"

    Hoenig never recommended purchasing Kmart stock.

    Mr. Hoenig is being represented by the law firm of Mulroy Scandaglia Marrinson Ryan. They have requested a trial by jury and ask the court to award Mr. Hoenig damages along with costs and attorneys' fees.
  2. I don't like Cramer, but I love it when he slams other people (even if it was a misquote, rofl!)... thats why I voted for the second option...
  3. Candle, would this be just as funny if <b> you </b> were the victim of a similar misquote?
  4. i remember that program. its a little foggy now but i think honenig did say something like hey its only a buck it might be worth a flyer.i remember thinking thats not good advice because kmart had already filed bk.maybe he was joking. not sure.
  5. I have no love for Cramer but the lawsuit should be dismissed, Hoenig forced to reimburse legal expenses and run through Wall st dressed like a ballet dancer for being such a cry baby.
  6. This sounds like a great way for this Hoenig character to get his ugly mug back in the spotlight...
  7. Welcome to our newest member, jonhoenig

    Let's hear what Mr. Hoenig has to say.
  8. sammybea


    Well got to give Cramer credit.. he was DEAD ON about broadwing at the time.. The thing tanked after he wrote the article. Only months after did it recover.
  9. Cramer is a narcissistic fool. I can't believe that the idiot still gets any face time.


    It's no coincidence that he threw in the money management towel right at the time that Reg FD hit because non-public information was his only edge.

    And that God-awful Heckle and Jeckle show that he's on with Kudlow is just an embarrassment.

    Dr. Zhivodka
  10. Here is an instance where I would like to see Islamic law invoked, and have Cramer's tongue cut out.
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