capitalism for chinese students. socialism for american students

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    yes and yes.

  3. yes, but don't get caught in an endless argument over public vs private. There's two sides to every story. For instance, take it all the way down to public schools for children of all income backgrounds to help them learn to read and write. We as a nation decided that was a good idea. But this student loan bubble has gotten way out of hand.
  4. Personally I don't think it is worth it. There are people now that got loans they cannot pay so it will get worse. Even if you get a good degree at a good university the chances of getting a job that will pay off the debt in a short period of time or even in a decade is slim.
  5. yes, the free money has made the universities unaccountable as to the value of the education they provide.

    Many US companies complain they cannot find qualified employees. I would rather see them custom tailor educational programs for students who intend to work for that coporation. Then, they could put a real number on how much tuition should be.
  6. I wonder if Chinese students get loans/grants from their gov't to attend US universities.
  7. everything they have is at the pleasure of the government.

    If the chinese decide they want the richest man in the world to be chinese it's a done deal
  8. I think that the current system makes education the responsibility of the individual and the cost of it too. The companies did use to pay for education but now they make the potential employee. I guess the market shifted giving the employer more power in the relationship. Too many people going to university in the first place. I guess too many people having aspirations is not a good thing to other people.

    I think university is a bit of a cheat anyway. You get people who pass a few exams and get a certificate and then expect to earn a lot of money and get positions above employees working for the company for many years. The reality the graduate is rarely better than the employee but there is the assumption they are. I think the university system is a disservice and it is a good thing it is going away.
  9. I don't know about China but I know Scandinavia give s**t loads out to students and government benefits in general. From what I saw the students pissed it down the drain and didn't care about their education.

    I think education is better if the student pays for it themselves or if their immediate job depends on it. That way they have to pull it off or they lose pocket rather than someone else. I really think state aided higher education is a unproductive exercise.
  10. I agree. It started out as a playground for the rich to meet people and make connections.

    Then I think it went through a period of high research

    and now it is just a place for everybody except everbody doesn't have a daddy to pay for it, other than the government and a lot of well meaning moms who didn't marry well have no problem with that

    if I had a kid today, I would tell him to go to a trade school get a job and after that if he wanted a PHD he could buy it with his own money
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