Capitalism doesn't work ...apparantly

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  1. I don't know, putting off the failure everytime the principle on the deficit doesn't get paid down, having to bail out its bedrock institutions with socialistic plans, every 20 years or so its infrastructure collapses and has to be overhauled, leaving even well meaning people with less than living wage opportunities because of who their daddies weren't and the kicker having to beg for its spending habits to be paid by communist China, Japan and Saudi Arabia, sort of shamefull that. Really the deficit represents the gauge that measures its failure, conjure up your own credit card/person analogy (Hammer) ...there you have it.

    Oh, don't forget Yankee stadium and the taxes that are being paid to A - Rod and George instead of schools. Which shell is the pea under?
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    It`s not <b>true</b> Capitalism, why would it work?
  3. That's what the communists say too.

    It's hard to argue with, since there's no such thing, and will never be such a thing as "true" capitalism.

    Every economy is a mixed economy.
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    What? :confused:
  5. What what?