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  1. Not sure if its prop. Noticed they are currently advertising under a Daytrader addy on CL in NY area. Minimum is $1500. Anyone with any input or comments??

    (BTW I have no affiliation and am not a newbie with 1 post who signed up yesterday)

    Website appears to be equipped with chat room, webt TV, & Live Cam:
  2. They are NOT a broker/dealer; yet provide the other way!
  3. Interesting. Just saw the FAQ section now:

    6. Is Capital Traders Group a Brokerage firm?

    No. Broad Street Trading, LLC is a private corporation formed to manage and trade its own brokerage account. By becoming a sub-contractor, you are given authority to trade the company account.
  4. FYI according to site, they clear through Penson.

    So is this kind of sub-contractor setup really a bad scenario then?? Does not sound like you would need any securities licenses......
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    Probably not real smart pasting info from another board and NOT changing the name of your firm in the sentence, considering that "Capital Traders Group, LLC is one of the pioneers in Day Trading Industry."
  6. Wow. Sometimes the obvious is right there in front of you.
  7. I think FINRA/SEC will have a field day with CTG...RUN FAST!