Capital Punishment

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  1. There is no logical reason that this person should not be executed immedialty. She had her day in court, admitted guilt of a horrible crime. She should not see another sunrise. And I ain't buying her story of, everything was fine and then one day I decided to kidnap a little girl and beat her to death with a rolling pin. Can't imagine why I'd do such a thing. Bullshit!
  2. Ricter


    Weird. So, what was her motive?
  3. Agree. Eye for and eye.
  4. She was a homosexual. She was supposed to be charged with performance of a lewd and lascivious act upon a child, and rape by instrument.

    She decided to admit to murder so there was no trail for the rapes and so that when she went to prison she wouldnt be killed or beaten black & blue every day by other inmates as life is not easy for child molesters in prison. (Although I cant imagine life being easy for her as a child killer inside)