Capital Preservation

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  1. Not really a trading reltaed questions but hopefully someone can help me.

    I am trying to save up about 6-months worth of expenses as a rainy day fund.

    I can put about $500 - $600 a month into an investment but want it to be fairly liquid and with a low possibility of loss. So far about the best I have found is bank CDs at ~4.50% APY and high interest savings accounts at ~4.50% APY.

    Any other suggestions out there as to where to park my money?

  2. Open up an Oanda get over 4% without locking it up...also if you find an extremly high probability set up, you can trade in some dollars to your account...

    I can calculate the exact interest you would earn as of tonight...if you wish

    Late Edit: It is 4.45% on your cash in an USD account.

    Michael B.
  3. Online Savings Accounts are paying 4.50% w/ no minimum's or fee's. comes to mind... (The same rate as your bank CD). There's a few others that are a bit higher but check for fee's. Most of them link to your checking account.