Capital One credit card defaults rise in September

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    NEW YORK, Oct 15 (Reuters) - Capital One Financial Corp's (COF.N) U.S. credit-card defaults rose in September as more Americans lost their jobs, in another sign that consumers remain under stress.

    In a regulatory filing on Thursday, Capital One said the annualized net charge-off rate -- debts the company believes it will never collect -- for U.S. credit cards had risen to 9.77 percent in September from 9.32 percent in August.

    Accounts at least 30 days delinquent -- an indicator of future loan losses -- increased to 5.38 percent from 5.09 percent.

    For U.S. auto loans, Capital One's charge-off rate went up to 4.58 percent in September from 4.31 percent in August, and the delinquency rate inched up to 9.52 percent from 9.42 percent.

    In international operations, including Canada and Britain, the charge-off rate rose to 9.24 percent in September from 8.60 percent in August, but the delinquency rate fell to 6.63 percent from 6.67 percent.
  2. "Capital One. What's in your wallet?......Well, obviously nothing if you're a cardholder of their's". :cool:
  3. I suppose, tomorrow Merrill will issue a strong buy recommendation based on expected stellar Capital One's 2012/2013 earnings....
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    LOL ... this comes a week after GS added COF to their 'conviction buy' list, too.

    I guess GS needed to unload a bunch of COF shares on the unspecting hordes of retailers who see GS' imprimateur as a sign of reality and flock -- nay, herd -- to their brokers whenever their 'buy list' is updated.