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  1. I went to see them recently and didnt get a good impression. A couple other guys I know went there to "interview" also. Anyone have any opinions?

    I just have a few concerns. First of all the place is a dump. When I asked to see traders P&Ls (only after the owner of the place was bragging) he couldnt show me. Knowing their strategy made me want to vomit. I came with a record of my P&L so i figured after allt he crap this guy talked he wouldnt make me give capital contribution (at the firm I am at I dont have capital contribution), and he basically laughed at me. Any opinions on this joint? Seems like a chop shop
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    Why is it that 50 Broad St, 11 Broadway and 417 5th (6th floor) are such magnets for the bottom rung prop shops?
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    Just curious, who are you talking about at 417 5th? Isnt Trillium on that floor?
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    Sorry, meant 91 5th Ave.

    Other location only has Trillium and SMB trading on the same floor.
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    Just a bump... Hes talking about 50 Broad St Suite 1402

    Curious about them myself...

  6. I have met with them at the monthly day trading meeting hosted by Epiphany Trading . They actually seem like motivated guys and honest.

    I still trade at Epiphany where I have no complaints, but CMTG seem like straight shooters.
  7. >I still trade at Epiphany where I have no complaints<

    Would you please elaborate on your deal and experience with Epiphany?
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    shortsqueeze is just another one of Brendan Byrne's sock puppets, the owner of Epiphany. He uses them to bash HLV/VCM (A favorite past time of Byrne's) and also to pump up his unlicensed prop firm.

    Don't be fooled by this puppets posts.
  10. I do trade with Epiphany. However, I am not Brendan Byrne. Do you know him?
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