Capital Injection 300 billion and Tax Cuts

Discussion in 'Economics' started by EMRGLOBAL, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. First, I am far from an Obama Fan. However, reading the most recent "talking points" it seems that Obama may have been forced to the middle of the politcal spectrum, into the realm of "Stimulation" vrs "robin hood".

    His tax cuts look to be even bigger than that of Bush. His "Spending" package on Infastructure, which I agree with as a good source for Tax Money, is positive for a lot of "capitalist" like my self.

    IMHO, Obama's plan will not send the Stock Market skyward. However, it will help out Hard Assets and increase savings accounts, keep and create jobs and possibly send the country back into a "productive nation."

    The Stock Market, has been destroyed by more than a "Depression". It has been destroyed by idiots in the Investment Banking World, Politics and Scandels. The public mistrust any "Wall Street" warrior and their mental attitude towards investing is sour.

    However, you do not need a High Flying Stock Market in order to have a sound and growing economy. In fact, most of the Wealth that is made and kept is in the Private Sector, not public nor companies traded public. The days' of IPO shooting 40 points is all but over.

    The hoard of Cash sitting on the sidelines, the majority will not enter into the typical US Stock. I think Land, Natural Resources, Private Busines creation, Venture Capital towards any thing but "Traded" companies or IPOs will be the trend.

    There will be a boat load of money ready to be put to work if and when the Tax Cuts come. Consumers may not spend like the "Talking Heads Think but they will save. Business owners will stack profit upon profit, investing their wealth in all that is Private.

    This is just my hunch. Keep an eye out on Companies going private and M&A reversals. (Private Companies buying Public Companies and taking them private.) This trend will not happen over night but I am confident it will start in 09 and continue through the next decade.