Capital Gains Taxes, before or after commissions?

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    Simple Questions for somebody knowledgeable:

    Let say at the end of the year I showed a profit $1,000 with commissions at $250. Do I pay capital gains tax on $1,000 or $750?

    Or let's say at the end of the year I showed a loss of $1000 plus commissions of $250. Is my total loss for tax purposes $1,000 or $1,250?

    I would be filing simply with a 1040, no special status.
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    When you fill out the Schedule D use the NET purchase/sale price to calculate your gain/loss and tax liability. (Cost after commissions & SEC fees)

    el surdo
  3. Most brokerages will add the commissions to your cost basis, so you shouldn't have to do anything in most cases
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    Thanks. That was what I thought, but wanted to make sure on the profit side.

    On the Loss side, would the commissions be added to the loss?
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    Thanks appreciate it.