Capital gains tax cut

Discussion in 'Politics' started by sammybea, May 9, 2003.

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    How would the new proposal of a 15% cap gains effect taxes on futures? Does that mean the new blend for taxes would be 60/40 with 60% at the 15% rate? That would be pretty huge for some traders. Not to make a political statement, but Bush seems to be ontrack for once.
  2. This is a proposal that would do a lot for the economy. How many people rode down big winners from the bubble market because we didn't want to pay taxes on them. I know I did. But for cap gains taxes, those profits would have been realized, taxes paid on it and it could have been reinvested or spent, instead of letting a bunch of wall street crooks keep it.

    Another thing that gets lost in the argument is the idea of who benefits. Typically, these tax cuts(ok, ALL tax cuts) are opposed because they "only benefit the rich." Particularly with the dividend cut but also with cap gains, the idea is to get more people involved in owning stocks so that more people benefit. I'm sure the same argument was made when they proposed letting people deduct mortgage interest, "It's not fair, only the rich own houses."
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    I heard that for low income people, the capital gain taxes can be as low as 5%.

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  4. If Bush follows through on this, Boy Wonder's got my vote...
  5. Bush wants it, the Senate is the problem, specifically most of the Dem's and a handful of Republican traitors like Olympia Snow.
  6. Send those bastids to Guantanemo... we want that tax cut, and we want it pronto!
  7. would this cut trigger for this current year 2003 or for future years only?
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    Isn't it interesting that Republicans are always looking to help the working man by cutting taxes, cap. gains etc. While democrats want the American public to bend over and spread their cheeks really wide. That bitch from Washington screwed up a great tax package. Politicians have to pretend like they actually do something....

  9. are you serious? they are ALL liars and thieves. thas the nature of the beast. politicians care about THEMSELVES only, just like you. you're not gonna overcome 50 million years of evolution. PERSONAL SURVIVAL & PROSPERITY. thats the rule of the day. dont count on or trust ANYONE. save your own a$$. cause thats all you have in the end. they will skin you alive. they will steal the gold from your teeth and have you thanking them for it!
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    No, there is difference in surviving and being outright malicious. It's not as simple as you suggest.
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