Capital flowing out of U.S.

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    Capital flows to US reverse in December to outflow of $11B
    By Ciara Linnane
    Last Update: 9:00 AM ET Feb 15, 2007{183D40AF-6B15-4164-98EC-586DAC4B819E}

    WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) - Monthly capital flows to the United States reversed in December to the first outflow in a year-and-a-half, the Treasury Department reported Thursday. Monthly capital flows reversed to an outflow of $11 billion in December compared to an inflow of $70.5 billion in November. In December, private investors sold $42.5 billion of securities. This was offset by $31.5 billion in purchases by official institutions. Net long-term capital inflows, meanwhile, fell to $15.6 billion in December from $84.9 billion in November. This is the lowest inflow since January 2002. End of Story