capital and labor intensity

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    I'm a college business student who has to write a report for my economics class. I need to know how to find the capital intensity and/or capital endowments for a country. I need to calculate the capital-labor ratio for China and the US. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    I worded that bad...I know how to calculate it, I need to know where (like a website) where I can find the capital endowments of china and the US.
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    I have no specific figures to give you, but anecdotally- the US is capital abundant and China is labor abundant.

    Which model are you studying? Hecksher-Ohlin or Specific factors?
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    It's the Heckscher-Ohlin. Yeah, I know the US is capital intensive and China is labor. I just have to write a 10 page report on it so I need filler. I've been to which is China's official website and I can't even find it there. All it gives me is investment in fixed assets, but not the overall total amount. I found the US amount of total fixed assets on If you or anyone knows of China's version of the same site, that would be a great help. Thanks for anything you can give me.
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  6. LOL "capital intensive"? Is that the academic term? Funny stuff, I love how the paper pushers mystify their scam.

    Can't help you with any data links, personally find it all a bunch of well extrapolated BS. A better research paper would on the US "capital" part of it and where it comes from if all the real production of real (and non-vital") goods is done overseas.