Cap and trade 219-212

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    I wonder how many reps, regardless of party, actually read and understand the contents of this bill.
  2. Man, this bill sucks for America. Higher Taxes on Energy, Oil, Gas and out sourcing of jobs. This is gona take all those who are on the edge "Financially' and send them right over into poor regions.

    This is what the Majority of American Voters wanted. This is what they may get.

    I'm in the Oil business....all I can say is this bill, if Passed will make guys like me, guys in my industry a lot richer.

    I love this country...and it is slowly being destroyed by the "DO GOODERS" of Wesly Mooch and team in the OBAMA ADMIN.

    So, if those ass clowns want to destroy America....BRING IT ON YOU SLIM SCUMBAG DEMOCRATES. BRING IT ON.....because you F*(& idiots are gona make me rich beyond my wild'est Dreams.
  3. Oil Business!?!? Oh that is some funny shit.

    You're in the Series 22 Salesman phone slap business. And nothing more. LOL!!!!!

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    I'm stunned.

    This is what people want? So we're going to let china pump out carbon from all their coal plants while we put the American economy in neutral to cap our emissions?

    Its Treason. I don't think a revolution is outside the realm of possibility. Hopefully it will be a political revolution and not a violent type revolution.

    Step One: Any republicans that voted for this need to be purged from the party as soon as practical.
  5. Dead in the Senate. It'll never be law.

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    I used to look for oil. Lost my job in the glut in '81 and changed fields. The smaller domestic oil and oil related companies got hurt and many failed.
  7. The guy really needs to STFU already. He already failed Shonny and then had to change his alias.

    And being oil & gas phone slap in texas has about as much prestige as working at the Quickie Mart.

  8. We had lot's of stuff on properties back in the early 80's when crude was $7-8. It was tough way to make a living back then.

  9. If put into play, it should be levied across the board, including the "energy-use" content of imports.

    As said, why should we pay taxes and use more expensive means, when China uses coal???
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    I watched Boehner read from what was jammed in it last night. He read for over an hour. They passed it anyway. It will pass the Senate. We are F@#$%@
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