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  1. Imagine walking out of your office where your co-workers and members of your family worked at and coming back to find nothing more then a smoldering pile of rubble and grieving highly emotional family members. Would you have the stamina to rebuild your business after an experience like that? Would you even want to come near Wall Street?

    Cantor was #2 at what they did on 9/11 and went to nothing in very short time. However, they are now at #5 at the present time. It is stories like this that drive me forward no matter how big the loss I take. If Cantor can come back after such a massive toll, then anyone can...

    You can take all the money away from a rich man and he will gain it all back in 5 years time. . .
  2. care to elaborate? I've been a fan of Cantor for many years.

  3. I did elaborate in the original message.

    Basically, they went from being in the top 5 to nothing and then back to the top 5. There is an old saying about the rich man that gets everything taken away from him and then makes it all back in 5 years. It appears they are a testament to that old saying.
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    In addition they took care of the families of the employees from what I understand who we lost in 9/11.

    They did everything right hard work and still having a heart.
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    don't forget: after 911, their competitors, instead of being a competitor, GAVE them lots of deals.
  7. I would agree winners are winners but lets be real he had a lot of money the second go around. I am sure there was insane insurance payout to him too. He did have a ton of contacts still in the business. He did play the whole I am doing it for the widows and orphans fund and kind of went shady on it. Is he a great business guy yes but don’t make it seem like he was sleeping in central park without connections. Now if you told me after this happened he went out and became the starting RB for the NY Giants then I would say wow. I don’t see it being that amazing rebuilding a business from a terrorist attack when you can use that selling point plus you have a boat load of money.
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    Well yeah probably their former competitor do hand over some of the larger contracts to them out of pity. But still, their hard work is very admirable.

    Some people that went from everything to nothing is usually frustrated on how things are, and I don't think Cantor's survivor did that thing. I admire their courage ;)
  9. I admire the people who still had the courage to do business with Cantor.

    The attacks were tragic and its extremely patriotic to place your business with a company like Cantor. However, your basically doing business with a crippled company whose specialized employee base was wiped out.

    If your a senior manager of a company or a money manager, would you still do business with a crippled company that might not be capable of the job at hand? As an executive, you have an obligation to the shareholders to do the right thing for the company not the patriotic thing.

    So placing that type of trust with a crippled business takes a lot of courage. It also says worlds about having a good reputation. If you have done business the right way throughout your lifetime, your buddies will come to help you when the times get rough. At least thats how it is supposed to work in theory...