Cantor Fitzgerald Float

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Hawk-fx, Feb 19, 2007.

  1. Hawk-fx


    The upcoming float of Cntor Fitzgerald should be avoided at all costs.
    As a money broking operation they should not be losing money, Yet they are racking up losses of about $ 100 Million per year.
    Why are they losing money? - They are broking deals at a loss to try and build market share. (with only moderate success)
    Even more scary is that they are breaking FSA rules in the UK to do these losing deals.
    If any of they client banks or competitors (who know what they are doing), whitleblow on them to the FSA, Cantor's will be in deep s**t.

    Steer well clear of this company.
  2. romik


    "whistleblow on them to the FSA" Why don't you do it?
  3. Hawk-fx


    It will happen. - I'm just warning potential investors to stay away.

    Their competitors have the evidence and will make the move when it suits them best.

    (Personally I can't / won't do it to protect my source)
  4. "Their competitors"

    We do? Wow, that would be the first time i've heard of it...


    Could this "source" is a disgruntled worker?
    Amaitis isn't the best person to get along with.... Is there an axe to grind here?

    2) Where's the facts? Give us an example.

  5. "Competitors"?
    Do you think ICAP would take Cantor to FSA?... :p
  6. What parade are we talking about here flapjack. I personally am encouraging HOOTERS to put a float in the thanksgiving parade:D :D