Cantel Medical, CMN

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by hughb, Feb 4, 2009.

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    Found this one while reading the Barron's stock tables, (ala Nick Darvas), back on January 16. Saturday night stock table reading has become the highlight of my week now. It was at a new 52 week high and a check of the historical data revealed the volume is increasing as well. I imagine the volume increase is at least in part due to medical stocks being in favor right now. Apparently there is some insider selling, but I regard that as a bullish sign seeing that people who try to buy and sell with insiders are almost always wrong. I bought today at 14.76.
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    Nice to see it holding up on a day like today even though it's still below my purchase price.

    SXC Health Solutions was another med stock I was watching and it held up fairly well today too.
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    I decided to dump this one today at 13.88 even though it never hit my stop. It first caught my attention when it was making new highs while we were in a bear market. Medical stocks are usually good stocks in a bear and that weighed on my decision as well. However, this stock stopped performing well, especially after the medicare announcement a couple of weeks ago, so I've decided it probably isn't the stock I thought it was going to be. I also believe that stocks are in the process of putting in a bottom now so part of my original reason for buying it is now gone.

    BTW, stocks that are in 'bullish' mode, (shorter averages above longer), number 900, the highest since October of last year.