Can't Withdraw funds from IB today!

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by P. Niss, Mar 17, 2003.

  1. P. Niss

    P. Niss

    I keep getting a time-out message and i need to make a wire withdrawal today. What's happening?

    Can I call them and do it over the fone??

  2. qdz2


    What?! Can or cannot any one trade the pre-market? I wonder what happened? Are our fund and position safe?


  3. I have tws up and running OK. Haven't tried the wire out today.

    I'm sure your account is safe; probably a glitch in the system.
  4. qdz2


    we have to keep our mind open for the possibility that some brokerages or investment banks may get wiped out in the coming actions.

  5. I just tried a wire out and can't get it either. Says the session timed out.
  6. P. Niss

    P. Niss

    yeah well my ass is in a royal sling if I don't get some money out today. Holy shit this is awful. Of all the things to go wrong.

    does anyone have an ETA for this mess to be over with? def? anyone???
  7. qdz2


    My! Hell, what is happening?


  8. I guess you better tell Tony Soprano that you'll have his envelope a day later :D

    Seriously, though - just call customer service. 877-442-2757 after 9ET
  9. maybe they froze your account
  10. def

    def Sponsor

    I assure you IB is up and running and it is probably a server issue. Start an online chat and they probably can xfer you to Funds and banking. At a minimum, they will alert the tech people that the server is timing out.

    QDZ - give it a rest. I just read my 3 year old a story about the boy who cried wolf. Send me your details, I'd like to send you a copy.
    #10     Mar 17, 2003