Can't we united together to fight against those greedy banker?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by apple, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. apple


    American really need to wake up to fight with those banker/robber.

    Can we have a revolution leaded and organized by some strong people?
  2. To accomplish what???

    The best way for the American consumer to fight the bankers is not to use debt to buy crap they can't afford!!!

    Stop buying SHIT!
  3. jem


    what good will that do. the bankers have bought congress and the white house.
  4. the1


    Exactly. I agree with what the OP is saying but it's as simple as being united in not acquiring debt. Simply do not use a credit card unless you have to and if you have to only use it if you have the cash in the bank to pay the balance off at the end of the month. Only problem....that requires changing the culture of the country. The culture is hard and fast, "buy now, pay later." How do you change a culture? I think the country is on the right path now but debt is a thing that's going to stay.

    Consumers are definitely holding back on CC usage and they are paying down debt at rapid rates but will people stop using CC's in the future? I doubt it. Try buying a car with cash or going to college with cash. Ain't gonna happen.

  5. Get outa debt.....of course a Mortgage and Student loans are the norm for most. Other than that, cut up your credit cards. Buy what you can afford in cash and if you can't, the save up.

    No one has to be in debt to the Banks on a personal level.

    Most Private Businesses are being forced to keep cash reserves now. Very few have had their credit limits decreased with higher interest rates.

    The healthy balance sheet going forward is limited debt. Back to the way things were. are controlled by the banks.

    The choice is yours. It may not be easy as the BMW, or Home you have is outa your price range. The girls you wana impress dig the "Bullshit" fake you. But wake up or decend into proverty.

    Choice is yours.

    FUCK THE NATIONAL BANKS. That is my motto....I don't need them.

    I bank at USAA, I handle all my own investments and USAA is only because I don't want to keep large amounts of cash at home.
  6. How about if everyone sent their bank a bill for $50 for going over their credit limit. After all, the people are the ultimate bankers.