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  1. Please refer to attached file dstm028330.xls.

    I long 1 ES contract at 1109.50, put stop-loss at 1107.25 and target at 1111.25. I was stopped out at 1107.25 ( 2.25 points ), but my target was later executed at 1111.50 ( another loss of 0.25 point ). The total loss of 2.50 points ( $125.00 ) and I was charged $9.60 which was for 2 contracts.

    Both AMP Futures and Dorman Trading did not give me explanation after 1 week.

    Don't know what went wrong with the trade. The amount of money is small in this case, do I just accept it and move on?

    Opinion from ET members are appreciated.
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    So you're saying your Stop and your Limit order were placed 'OCO', but the Limit was not canceled after the Stop order was filled?

    (I don't see a file attached)
  3. Sorry, unable to upload the xls file.
    Yes, seems like my target was not cancelled after the trade was stopped out.
    It seems like target price turned to another short order, which was later stopped out at 1111.50. So another loss of 0.25 point ( 1111.50 - 1111.25 ). I was charged another contract on this.
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    that's what it sounds like, but you have to make sure the stop and limit order that you had working were submitted as an 'oco' order; meaning that if one of them gets filled, the other is automatically canceled. Otherwise you just have two separate orders working and you would need to cancel manually once the position is closed.
  5. Got your point.

    I usually set the stop-loss and profit target through the NinjaTrader ATM strategy and the execution is without problem. That means if either the target or stop-loss is hit, the other will automatically being cancelled.

    But in this case, my target price ( 1111.25 ) turned into another short order, and amazingly being stopped out just 0.25 point away ( 1111.50 ). Who determined that exit point for me?

    I turned off my trading platform before the target / stop-loss was hit, so got no idea what actually happened to my pending orders. I usually do so without any problem.
  6. Ninja locally simulates OCO orders for ATM strategies, so if the platform is turned off, the other order does not get canceled.

    Leave your platform on if you're still in the middle of a bracket order (ATM) trade so Ninja can cancel the other order after one of them is hit.

    The reason why it's a local simulated OCO is because Globex doesn't accept OCO orders.

    Not sure what caused the short exit but consider yourself lucky!
    Ninja gives a warning before you turn off the platform while an ATM strategy is running. This would be the reason why.
  7. Attached file.
  8. As far as I know, OCO orders for live trading reside at the Ninja server, not on my local computer.
    I may be wrong; need somebody to confirm it.
    I occasionally turn off the trading platform if I walk away for a short while.
    I can still see the target and stop-loss on the DOM until either of them is hit, and the other order automatically being cancelled.
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