Can't trade? blame yourself

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by bat1, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. bat1


    So many cry babies come here with problems about trading
    and never look in the mirror..

    They just want to blame everyone else

    and think if they can't do it no one can...

    Well, many can and many do trade well

    why should they waste their time
    with you?

    when you cause your own problems.....
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  3. Failing traders should only blame themselves...

    ... for getting into trading in first place.

    Frequent Trading is recommended by greedy brokers who only want you to generate commissions.
  4. Blotto


    Very true. The more interesting question to me is why people feel entitled to succeed. This is especially true in trading where success is at the expense of other traders by definition. What has each individual done to earn the right to succeed in this way?
  5. I agree...
  6. Lethn


    The only way you can improve is by getting critique on yourself and practice, education, fancy degrees and how much money you have is nothing to do with it. I practice martial arts and artwork along with trading and the methods of learning are all the same, it doesn't matter what teacher you have or what kind of college or school you go to in the end the method of learning is all the same.

    This is why I get pissed off when people think feeding young peoples' minds with bullshit is a valuable 'learning experience'.
  7. traderrn


    I agree cry babies and those who just keep complaining don't need the help. That doesn't mean one can't help those who are really struggling and are looking for guidance.
  8. spd


    No way the problem is me. I use 2 indicators. Losses are definitely due to stoploss hunters, yep just people running my stops, definitely not me, like I said I use 2 indicators.
  9. pspr


    You guys are cruel. I see few direct complaints but many requests for help and guidance that mostly go unanswered.
  10. Many of the unanswered ones deserve to be unanswered though. Every so often you will see someone posting a one-liner opening saying something like "I am new to trading. What do I need to know to make money?"

    Kind of like: Tell me... what do I need to know? Spoon feed me, please! And I only take it for free.

    The most recent case: I have $100 in my new E-Trade account. Can someone tell me how to turn this into $500 in 60 days? Does it deserve an answer?
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