can't stay discplined

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  1. I don't get it. I watch visa in the morning and I see its up, wondering to myself perfect short on a day like this. Then I hesitate and short luv bec. it was a laggard too (only down 40 cents while other airlines where down 1.50-2.00)
    so by the time I get to visa I see its down to 65.5 and I short. Then it pops up and stays up for a while. When it comes down back I get the hell out and it keeps on tumbling.
    wtf to do without discipline:eek:
  2. smoke some dope :eek:
  3. never tried smoking pot and trading together, actually stopped smoking before I got into trading about 4 months ago:eek:
  4. just playing with you bro....ur chance of making it are against you.

    If you are doing this part time and have the leisure of a "regular" job and not depend on profits from your trading, then your mind will be calmer.

    Start reading books about the psychology of trading and start today and STOP trading for the moment
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    its not about psychology, its about u getting in and out at the wrong times. pretty standard to get out of a position when it comes to break even AND THEN see it go your way.

    You have to make sure u short when u see weakness and go lond when u see strength. now its not as easy as that. there's more to it. read AHG v 1.0 by anekdoten. use the search function.

    it's pretty darn good. if u just stick with what it's in that thread, you will get it.
  6. any books on psychology you recommend?
    btw I only lose money by not being disciplined. But the past 2 days I'm green, so far so good.
    actually its easy to trade in a market that you can short almost anything and make money
  7. newtothis, ....remember is YOU, your mind and no one could purchase many programs that are profitable and YOU can still fail....psychology.

    GO the the Psychology section on ET and dig
  8. you need is a trading plan, it keeps you on track. this book is good for maintaining discipline "Enhancing Trader Performance".
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    only trade setups,before you click the send button,ask yourself ,is this an impulse trade or a setup?
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