Can't Short Klac

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Eldredge, Feb 6, 2003.

  1. Eldredge


    IB won't let me short KLAC this morning. Is anyone else having trouble? IB had problems with this a few months ago, and I have a feeling that it is their problem, not a shortage of KLAC to borrow. Has anyone else shorted it?
  2. Funny, I mentioned KLAC to you back then, when you were having problems shorting AMAT.

    The difference is, now I have traded SSF, and I'm enjoying it.
    Traded QLGC futures the first three days this week. Liquidity was plenty for my 1 or 2 contract orders. Fills were just fine, in spite of the 8¢ spread. Easy enough to get filled midway between that spread too.
  3. Eldredge


    Thanks for the post hii. I still can't short KLAC. Maybe I will have to look at the SSF.
  4. You may even end up being glad that you couldn't short KLAC and "had to" look at SSF. SSF have a few particular advantages.
    Even if you continue to prefer shorting stocks, purchasing SSF contracts can be used to hedge against your shorts.
  5. PXG


    Thanks for posting this, it saved me from an unpleasant surprise. I used my back-up broker yesterday for shorting KLAC.
    Today, KLAC seems to be available for shorting at IB.
    I am also wondering, if it was just a software glitch, or it really wasn't available to borrow...?
  6. u130747


    I tried yesterday. Could not short KLAC, or NVLS