Can't say anything negative about Babak in Chit Chat...

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by FRuiTY PeBBLe, Feb 14, 2003.

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  1. ...or it gets deleted. Try it! :mad:

    I just KNEW the moderator Babak was going to delete what I said about him, so I saved my post in case I had to put it under Feedback. Well, here I am. :( You're just too predictable, Babak! I knew you wouldn't be able to resist! :)

    Here's what I said:


    There should be a moderator that moderates your moderating. I can just imagine how excited you get when you find something you can "moderate." I picture you rubbing your palms together with a big smile on your face and your eyes wide open upon finding something to edit/delete.


    As many have said before, Babak does not moderate with an even hand. To prove my point, what I said above gets deleted, but candletrader can say the following and Babak won't delete it:

    Both posts were under Chit Chat. My post was less offensive than candletrader's, but mine got deleted because Babak can't take personal attacks. candletrader's post still exists. I'm NOT saying candletrader's post should get deleted. I'm just saying, if candletrader can make personal attacks at someone, then I should be able to attack a moderator. If not, then both posts should be deleted.

    I ask, what is the standard for which Babak decides to moderate?! I WOULD REALLY LIKE TO KNOW!

    FRuiTY :confused:

    We should start a petition to revoke Babak's moderating ability. :mad:
  2. Babak


    Fruity, Vinny, etc.

    the post you put above was on a thread that you initiated and then you asked that the thread be erased! (nitro, candle and others can attest to this)

    So I erased it. And now you are upset about that?


    are you on some sort of new more potent crystal meth?

  3. Babak,

    There were 2 threads. FIRST, you deleted the one that SHOULDN'T have been deleted (never asked you to delete that one). Then you deleted the SECOND thread ONLY AFTER I attacked you. YOU even replied in the thread before I attacked you. You weren't even going to delete it (until I attacked you).

    ps Crystal meth? No, I'm not on drugs. Funny how you're willing to insult me right now, but if I question your moderating standards, you delete my posts?! What's with that? You should not be a moderator, period. It's no secret you're the moderator with the most complaints..I wonder why???

    FRuiTY :(
  4. Babak


    Again as others can attest, the other post you refer to (other than the one which you explicitely requested be erased) was a thread which insulted/attacked candletrader.

    That sort of thing is not tolerated. So it was erased. Hope that clears it up.

    I'm really tired of your personal vendetta against me. Your criticism levelled at me would have more weight were it not originating from the same person with 10000 different handles and were it not completely without foundation.
  5. Tea



    Both you and candletrader insult/attack other members. 1 minute ago you accused me of being on drugs. 1 minute ago candletrader called people who disagree with him "losers." I guess things are not tolerated selectively. :(

    PeBBLe :(
  7. What I find disturbing is that Baback rules the chit with an iron fist except when it comes to optional777's posts. 777 posts the most asinine crap i've ever seen on a message board, in fact MOST of 777's posts are flames, vulgar satire, obscene pictures, childish humor and pranks ... but his posts always stand untouched. AND HE HAS POSTED TONS OF JUNK THREADS! Not just posts but NUMEROUS WHOLE JUNK THREADS. But many times for much much less I've found myself at the business end of baback's deletion button for a mere post. To me there seems to be a double standard here. I ask baback why is 777 permitted to clog the chit with garbage threads and posts but others of us are deleted at the drop of a hat?? :confused:
  8. Thanks LongShot. Good to see I have some backup here. :)


    ps No, we are not the same person (I can already see the accusations.) :(
  9. Babak



    I agree with a lot of what you say re O777's posts. Yet I've learned that the majority of the board likes his stuff. They laugh, chuckle, etc. or they are just engaged (like the recent thread re nose job pic of Maria).

    Its a judgement call. I thought, well he is our court jester. So I cut him some slack. We all could use a laugh now and then after a hard day. But ofcourse not everyone will like his style of humour.

    But its clear that the majority of the board actually gets a kick out of it. He does go too far sometimes...and he would be the first to tell you that I've erased many of his ...errr graphic pictures.

    If you don't like his style you can put him on ignore. But just becaue his sense of humour is to poke fun at things in a crude way...I can't hold that against him.
  10. Oh I see how it works now .. if the poster is liked then his posts remain regardless of content. Thanks for clarifying the (double) standard.
    #10     Feb 14, 2003
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