Can't save a TOS chart as a .jpg or .xls

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by mgabriel01, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. I kinda sorta really want to save some charts --- according to the TOS support folks -- I can't do it in TOS charts

    To me thats a compelling reason to find another brokerage with free charting software

    suggestions or comments would be appreciated (by me!)

  2. dsss27


    In M$FT Windoze:

    1. Make sure the window is active
    2. Set up the chart for display
    3. Simultaneously push 'alt-print screen'
    4. Paste onto one of several applications:
    - a. Word (Open Office Writer)
    - b. PowerPoint (Open Office Impress)
    - c. Paint (Open Office Draw)
    - d. etc.....

    5. Then you can crop and save it as a graphic.

  3. You can do a print screen: ALT+Print Screen

    EDIT: you beat me to it dsss27.
  4. Would the "Print Scr" key next to F12 be OK? Then just copy to an imaging program and save as .jpg

    PS.....I don't think you have to use the alt key, just the "Print Scr" key should copy to the clipboard.
  5. sure you can.go to TOS charts on the top right corner look for small printer ,click once ,then click take picture ,then when you got your picture you will see "copy save print",click save , then chose file type ,you can choose between .bmp .jpg .png . good luck
  6. Awesome!

    Thanks guys
    Thats what I needed

    so TOS may get my 50K account balance after all

    thanks again!
  7. sim03


    PrtScr key takes a snapshot of your entire desktop and copies it to the clipboard.

    Alt - PrtScr key combination does the same on the active (currently selected) window.

    The results will be the same, if both 1) there is only 1 screen and 2) the active window is maximized. Otherwise, you'll typically want to use the Alt - PrtScr combo.
  8. FYI - for those interested

    I discovered you can use the print function on the dropdown toolbar --- and print to a file

    the output is microsoft .xps format --- but that is easily converted to .pdf using a freeware product called 'cutepdf'

    a sample is attached