Cant Remove Flat Tire on Alloy Wheel

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by estrader, Dec 10, 2005.

  1. I have alloy wheels on my car. I have been trying to replace my flat tire, but the wheel won't come off. I have unscrewed the 6 bolts (lugs) that hold it. Then I tried to pull the wheel off, but it does not budge. Instructions on how to change a flat don't say anything more than just unscrewing the 6 bolts. Does any on know what am I missing in this.
  2. I drive a 1990 Plymouth Voyager with simulated wood grain siding...What are alloy wheels?
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    Do you live in a coastal area or a cold winter area where they salt the roads?

    I'm thinking that perhaps salt corrosion is sticking the wheels to the studs. You might try spraying WD-40 or Liquid Wrench into the bolt holes and then slowly try to work them off.

    Might also VERY CAREFULLY, and with a heavy RUBBER hammer, try to bump the wheels off by hitting them from under the car.

    Don't use too much force or you could easily f*ck up those alloy rims (might be better to use a piece of 2X4 to protect them too)!
  8. Yep. Where I live we literally walk on salt, especially now that is snowed. I was not sure if I needed to do something in addition to unscrewing the lugs. Hitting it with a hammer crossed my mind. I will try it tomorrow first thing. Thanks.
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    Kick the wheel right near the bottom where it meets the tire hard. Just dont kick it hard enough for the car to fall off the jack.
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