can't login IB TWS

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by 0008, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. 0008


    any help?
  2. It happened to me. When I called in, this a hole told me to close my account and I did. Hope you have better luck.
  3. 2006


    Anyone having login problems today?
  4. Bob111


  5. dhpar


    f*ck IB - bunch of amateurs. of course it says "no problem" - this page is static for few years now - it's more like an ad rather than a helpful info for their customers.

    there IS a problem to login to standalone TWS today.
  6. mde2004


    TWS is closed on the weekends and opens up again Sunday afternoon. Chill out you newbies and why do you want to open TWS on Saturday and Sunday anyway?
  7. 2006



    Excuse me faggot but your supposed to be able to login @ 12:00 Noon EST on Sunday.

    If you consider making 2-4K per day a newbie than good on you. Otherwise go fuck yourself.
  8. dhpar


    i second that - go fuck yourself mde2004.
  9. FT79


    Relax guys, it's Sunday!!! Btw, I have the same issue, I have tried everything, changed Jts to Jts2, Web-based version but nothing helped. Made a ticket and hopefully IB will pick it up before the markets open.

    Enjoy your weekend,
  10. lmao
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