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Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by cmk, May 21, 2005.

  1. cmk


    I just opened an acct over at IB, but I am unable to log in to play with the software a little.

    I have been able to log in during the week, is it just that it is Sat that I cannot log in? I have the software on my computer, and I try to log in, and the login in progress comes up, goes away, and comes back. I have left it trying for about an hour and nothing.

    I have not made any changes to my system that would cause any sort of blockage of the java application.

  2. It closes down friday night after the markets have closed but opens again sunday afternoon when globex opens (5pm est I think).
  3. cmk


    I figured it was a weekend thing.

    Thanks a lot for the heads up.

    Good luck to you
  4. BCE


    Thanks for the info. I'm new at IB too and wanted to fool around with the software too and had the same problems today. :)
  5. I love these threads....:D
  6. hajimow


    You can login after 12PM or 12:30 Sunday. The time is EST.
    Actually it is good.It gives you a break on Saturday . Good for market nerds.
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  8. When you can't log in, I imagine many people mean they can't open their embedded TWS.

    This week IB helped me out and I learned something. The first thing they did was to find out whether I was truly blocked. They had me log on to Web Trader which I could do.

    I believe this very important to be aware of. Though Web Trader is primitive compared to your TWS, it shows your positions and you can close if necessary. There would be no need to contact a rep. I think I have this right about the Web Trader.

    My problem was some foul up with java I guess. I got a callback from tech support in a half hour or so and they took me through how to fix it.

  9. zxcv1fu


    There were some internet connection problem Friday afternoon. First IQFeed gave error message, then TWS turned pink. All connections were down, I could not even get an answer from COX. Guess many were calling ahead of me.

    Wonder if any called IB to close trades?
  10. BCE


    Does anyone know what's up with IB today? Trying to login, which I thought we were supposed to be able do at 12 PM EST, but it won't let me. Hmmm.
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