Can't log into IB today 9/27/01? 10:21am

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by jskeldon, Sep 27, 2001.

  1. jskeldon


    Is anyone here having the same problem?
  2. WarEagle

    WarEagle Moderator

    No problem here. I even tried logging out and back in. BTW, I have a futures account, so I don't know if that would matter versus a stock account.

  3. jskeldon


    Wareagle, I cannot even log onto their web page. My connection is working, I have Qcharts running fine and I can access other web pages, just IB seems to be a problem with both TWS and web page, very weird, this has never happened to me before.

    Did you go to Auburn Univ. in Alabama (ie Wareagle)?
  4. Works fine here. I have a stocks/options account.
  5. fleance


  6. WarEagle

    WarEagle Moderator

    That is strange. I assumed there might be a connection problem between you and IB, but if you can access other pages but not IB's then I'm stumped. Are you logging in to TWS from the website or do you use the stand alone program? I am using the downloaded version and I rarely have any problems logging in.

    Yes, class of '96

  7. jskeldon


    thanks everyone, just logged in successfully
  8. Htrader

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    Another suggestion in case this happens again, would be to try the stand alone version if you are using the web version and vice versa. I have found that when one connection doesn't work, the other one sometimes still connects.