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Discussion in 'Trading' started by dgabriel, Jan 15, 2003.

  1. to the chat room. I had to re-install windows 98 and this has seemed to foul things up. I unchecked the Java box on Internet options.

    Even with the box checked I can't seem to run any Java applets.

    Any advice?
  2. I never thought I would recommend a MSFT product, but XP really IS the best Windows ever.
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    I too have had problems with logging into the chat room. Or sometimes clicking on the "newest software reviews" (on the left when you first log onto ET). My screen goes black and I have to reboot.

    I am planning on getting a new home computer soon. I am running Windows 98. At my office, I have never had these problems. There, I am running Windows 2000 pro. I hope Lobster is right, and XP will be more stable. I am pretty sure all the new computers come with XP.
  4. I switched to Netscape 7.0 and I can now enter secure sites, run java apps, but I cannot log in to the chatroom. Just nothing happens, no chat app opens.
  5. i once couldn't get into the chat room either. i tried unchecking some option in IE, too, but it still didn't work. i had the newest version of java. i uninstalled java and installed an older version. that let me in the chat room.

    if i were you, first i'd download the most up to date version of java. maybe a new version fixes the problem i had. if that doesn't work, uninstall it and try an older version of java.
  6. The ET chat applet doesn't like Java 1.4. If you open up a Java console window, you can see it throws alot of errors trying to open. You have to downgrade to 1.3. With MS Internet Explorer and Netscape, you can select the JRE version to use with the Java Plug- in manager (Control Panel). The Opera browser uses a windows registry entry to point to the JRE version.

    Your browser can use 1.3 and still have TWS using 1.4. Multiple JREs are OK to install on your computer.
  7. i'm in,thx puffy