can't locate SPY

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by alientrader, Oct 3, 2008.

  1. IB can't locate anymore SPY??? eveyrone short?
  2. As a reminder OneChicago lists for trading Single Stock Futures on the SPY ETF as well as a number of other ETFs. The SPY ETF can be traded either with a 1000 multiplier or a 100 multiplier.

    Bids and Offers for all months are available.

  3. If you can't short SPY, the world of shorting is must be coming to an end.
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    Yes, single stock futures sound good in theory. So does selling the call or buying the put in deep in the money contracts to get short the financials.

    Try doing it efficiently, they always front run and unless you are in a 0 latency environment, it's simply not feasible.

    The SRO's that make up wall street wanted the mkt like this, now they have it, now they don't want it anymore. There are no market makers anymore, just thinly run algos that give the appearance of a mkt----but when the selling comes in, there's no 1 to take stock--------

    There is no mkt..........................

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    why you guys hate america so much. stop supporting the terrorists
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    Ummmmm.... I wasn't aware that sharing my thoughts with the community was supporting terrorism.

    Do you think that people that have done well short selling, before the draconian ss ban was put in place are supporting terrorism?

    This country hasn't been America for quite sometime in case you haven't noticed, but then again, mostly everyone is asleep these days.

    If they ban short selling all together, it's welcome to the USSA. Comrade.

    And just for the record,I love America, but I abhore what has happened to it.

    Peace, Love and Happy Trading
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    My TWS says that SPY is available for shorting.
  8. they sent me a msg saying i might be subject to a forced buy-in
  9. Why short SPY and worry about a forced buy in when you can easily short ES and not worry.
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    I'm not serious you troop hating terrorist
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