Can't import Firefox Bookmarks

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  1. Last week I updated my Firefox on my laptop. Now I turned it on and I have no bookmarks, tabs etc. No big deal I thought. So I went to one of my saved files and tried to import them. It's not allowing me to import. I can bookmark new pages, but I can't just import them all at once.

    I've done it in the past, it was quick and easy. I've googled it and have not found a viable solution.

  2. I use Foxmarks add-on, can you downgrade your firefox, install that addon and then do the upgrade??? Just a thought

    But use foxmarks
  3. wucah


    Just find a file called bookmarks.html on your old computer it should be in c:\documents and settings\admin\application data\mozzilla\firefox\profiles\jiberish\bookmarks.html
    and copy it to the simmilar directory on your laptop(the jibership directory will be diffrent on laptop.
    Hope that helps a little.
  4. Woz2000


    I think you already know the bookmarks are all stored in 1 file called bookmarks.html. This file is in your firefox profile directory.

    If during the install, the file is overwritten, then obviously all your bookmarks are gone. If however, a new profile was created during the install, you can simply copy this file to your new profile directory and presto! You have to do this when Firefox is not running as it writes back the bookmarks file when it is closed (the version it has in memory).

  5. For the future, you might want to periodically make a copy of your bookmarks file by exporting it to a USB flash drive.
  6. I have a copy of the bookmarks. That's not the problem. FF will not allow me to import it. I've used my backups in the past.
  7. Try uninstalling and reinstalling FF.... maybe even download a fresh copy of FF.exe. I once had a fouled .exe, so it's possible. If that doesn't work, then perhaps your bookmarks file is corrupt and you might be SOL. :(