Can't get YE ??

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by Stosh, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. Stosh


    I'm new to int rate futures. I have read that there is an E-mini Eurodollar contract traded on ecbot. I don't get any market data for it on my IB TWS platform, day or night. Would appreciate someone informing me about this. I do get data on the large Eurodollar contract on Globex....GE. Thanks, Stosh.
  2. Stosh


    Anybody trade YE?
  3. you sir are not a fine Kentucky gentlemen

    they don't trade YE

    they trade ES

    WHY ?????

    fuk me if I know :p :p
  4. rcj


    Are you drunk? :p
  5. Stosh


    No, I'm not from Kentucky but I like Jim Bunting....and I already trade ES. Just thought I might try YE ....... but apparently it is not popular here or perhaps it doesn't exist anymore.
  6. 1) Yes and almost yes.
    2) It appears the only remaining listed contract months are March-2011 and June-2011.
    3) Each month appears to have an open interest of one contract.
    4) I believe I know who the two guys are who have a 1-lot spread position on with each other.
    5) The CBOT/CME might not be allowing the listing of any additional contract months.
    6) Stay with the "big" contract.
    7) If you want, I'll provide the name and phone number of the guys who I believe have an open position in the contract and then you can arrange an "appointment" to make a trade. :cool:
  7. Stosh


    Thanks very much, Nazzdack.......exactly the info I was looking for. I guess we could save the commissions if you arrange the appointment for free....but I guess I will go ahead and try the big contract, GE. Stosh