Can't get $tick for low cost for NT?

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    Well, this kind of sucks. I use zen-fire for Ninja Trader with Mirus, but can't get $TICK. I e-mailed zen-fire and they don't support it. I don't want to pay $ 50/month just to get this from someone else.
  2. Perhaps its time to use two brokers.

    Many of them offer it for fre.e.
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    Also, notice now when I connect ES data is fine, but need to wait 5 min or so for CL to become synced from chart being displayed to actual prices being printed in real time.
  4. I trade with AMP Global Clearing using Ninja , they use CQG data which includes the $TICK data(which I use) at no additional charge. It might be time for you( if you want the $TICK data ) to change to a broker like AMP which offers CQG data for Ninja. I've been with them over a year, they are a very good broker and the CQG data feed is first class.
  5. I had the same issue when I was ready to open a live brokerage account, so I chose IB because they offered the NYSE TICK for free.

    I considered AMP + CQG, but I read more than one review from customers who had some severe issues, so I did not try it out. This was just after AMP started offering CQG, so they may have improved since then and it seems like soutbeach is a happy customer. :)

    One other option that was suggested to me is to get the TICK from TOS using a demo account.
  6. yes, the AMP+CQG+NT feed is fine now, no connection - realtime issues
    problem was CQG updating their sw then NT having to update after the change
  7. Don't use amp personally, but a friend does and loves it.

    Really, if your broker isn't giving free $tick you should dump them a sap. What freaks, no $tick. Who are they serving? Grand pa Jones cash stock account? :D

    Besides, paying more for something to work shouldn't be an issue for profitable traderrs ;) joke
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    I will have to look at AMP's intraday future margin's for ES, CL, gold, silver, and currency futures plus amount to open an account, unless someone wants to post it here.

    Sunday was so bad on my CL charts, I traded by memory alone instead of using charts. For example, I remembered last week where price was trading, and was able to make money in real time.

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    $5/m for tick, trin, adv/dcl, uvol/dvol AMP+CQG+NJ
  10. *sorry. They probably meant using 2 application, tos +NT ..

    Whoever suggested that has no clue.

    NT can't/doesn't use TOS datafeed.

    It can use TDAs feed.

    But $tick on tda is not the same as other ticks. i have no idea what it is representing.
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