'Can't get the mic to work

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by TraderTactics, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. My system has been slowing down (almost 4 year old PC) so I've decided to buy a new desktop PC. It has a built-in sound card (Realtek) but for some reason, I couldn't get the mic to work. I tried the mic on the old PC and it works fine. :(

    The technician told me to upgrade to Windows 7 to fix this problem, but I still prefer Windows XP.

    Please advice. Thanks.
  2. What operating system are you using now?

    Does your system record using the built in microphone?

    I recall my Sound Blaster microphone CT329 about 500 ohm dynamic worked well with my old laptop computer using Windows XP but recorded only at very low volume on my new laptop computer running Vista.

    My new system does record sound well using a condenser type computer microphone.
  3. Realtech allows the mic selection to choose from different input jacks.

    ( rear, front, top )
    Right click on the icon in the system tray.
    Check to see if it is selected for your setup.