Can't get QuoteTrader work, asking for help

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by jetq, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. jetq


    I have followed instruction to register in esignal, download data manager, install it, verified username and password, download quotetrader, install it, launch it, there is a message windows saying" username or password is wrong", verified from confirmation email and retype it, still not working, anyone from QuoteTrader can help?

    customer ID is 1911128, thx.
  2. Hi Jetq,

    Thanks for your post :)

    I checked the system, and it appears that you've successfully connected.
    Would you please let me know if that's correct?

    If not, contact me at

    Alternatively, there's a forthcoming video clip on the start up process, and would very much like to improve it where necessary.
    I'll post a link shortly.
    Any suggestions on how the start up process would be much appreciated!

    Again, many thanks!

    QuoteTrader Product Management
  3. Hi Jetq,

    Here's the QuoteTrader Registration video clip I promised :)

    Let me know if you need additional help, would like a demo, or have any other questions (email: "").

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    Thank you again for your post, and for installing QuoteTrader to see if it can complement your existing set of decision support and trade management tools!

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  4. jetq


    thanks bren, it works now, thanks a lot
  5. Great to hear - thanks again for your posts, and interest in QuoteTrader!

    Have a happy 4th!