Can't even install SP2 after reinstall

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  1. Can't even install SP2 after reinstall on a 7 yr old XP box. Reinstalled XP after a few too many error messages.

    Is it over? or is there a way out of this quagmire? disk check says no errors.

    Oh well Win 7 coupons come this weekend. Goot timing anyways.:cool:
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  3. Uh, that link was to the MS-Office SP2, not WinXP. Don't bother with SP2, install SP3 instead. Did you do a CLEAN re-install of WinXP with a format and complete wipe of the hard-drive? Or did you re-install it on top of the old WinXP installation? If so, you've got a tonne of corrupted configuration files and registry entries. Here's what you need to do:

    1. Go to ControlPanels -> AddRemovePrograms and uninstall EVERYTHING that you don't use everyday. All that extra crap really slows down your system and makes it unstable.

    2. Download the MS Installer CleanUp Utility to remove other programmes with corrupted installers:

    3. Download the WinXP SP3 network-install package:

    Unpack it and run the Update.exe programme inside the \i386\Update folder.
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  5. Thanks for ideas.

    I reformatted the whole thing so not much left on it.

    I tried installing SP3 but it says the computer must have at least SP1 installed to install SP3 lol.

    Can't find SP1 anywhere?:confused: maybe pirate bay will have it lol.
  6. Suggest looking for a replacement box on Craigslist... one with XP SP2 included... and you use the optic drive, hard drive, etc from your current machine... maybe only for replacement parts?

    Dimension 8300s should be <$200 by now, and are thoroughly competent for trading and general computing.
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    A 7 year-old XP box? Damn, get out there and help stimulate the economy. Buy a new computer.
  8. No need to have SP1. Here's what you do:

    1. open up command-prompt window

    2. CD to directory where you have SP3 extracted

    3. CD to update sub-folder

    4. type in: UPDATE /passive /forceappsclose /forcerestart <enter>

    It'll show a progress-bar and restarts when it's done.

    BTW - if you're fearful of command-line, you can download SP2 and install first, then SP3. Don't need SP1 first in order to install SP2.

  9. Interesting. But I thing this thing is foked.

    I found SP1a installed that ,then SP2. But I keep getting "Windows explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close" message before AND after SP1 and 2 installs. I really don't understand how I can have problems after a reformat and reinstall of XP??:confused:

    I feel like I'm in the deep end of the pool here..and goin down. eh eh

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    On that old of a computer I would suspect hardware failure for example your hard drive or memory. Computers normally only last for around 7 years, so if you use it every day, then actually I would suggest replacing it.

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