Can't download .exe files

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by toby400, Jan 7, 2002.

  1. toby400


    Tried to download Qoutetracker but all I got was a little grey box in bottom left message bar with a little red arrow above it (NO initial prompt box asking me to open file or save). After download?
    I got a blank screen and dead gif.

    Eventually, I downloaded it by pointing the mouse at the address and right clicking, then "Save As". Quotetrack now works fine.

    But trick didn't work with nextrend.

    The problem seems to be my PC doesn't like .exe files, at one stage it warned "Not a Win 32 app?"

    I use Windows ME and IE6.

    Any ideas on resolving this issue ?

  2. toby,

    I started having a somewhat similar problem a few months ago. If I try to download an .exe file, I get an error mesage that windows can't find it. Very annoying. I did some research on the Microsoft site and the only thing remotely helpful was the suggestion that a virus can cause this type of problem, as I recall the notorius prettypark virus. My symptoms were not identical to those described for the virus however and I couldn't implement the cure they suggested which involved editing some registry items. couldn't find them. I am planning to upgrade my pc soon so I just forgot about it, as it works fine except for downloads.
  3. Rigel


    I downloaded QT this morning for a backup alert and it's working fine.