Can't daytrade full-time only trading 1 ES, YM or NQ contact

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  1. Seems impossible to daytrade full-time for a living trading only 1 ES, YM or NQ contract. You agree? You must trade more than 1 contract...agree?
  2. depends.................. Do my income needs and trading abilities allow it?

  3. What's your monthly nut ?
  4. What does that mean?

  5. You mean to tell me you just realized that?..........LOL....LOL
  6. pauk


    surely it depends how good you are?
    A good trader would be able to make about $350 per day trading one ES contract, no?
    That amount of money would certainly do me!!
  7. wrbtrader


    That depends greatly on the amount of money you need to cover your monthly expenses and your own personal definition of trading for a living.

    For example, a trader that still lives home with his parents and is debt free probably will have an easier time in trading for a living in comparison to another trader that has a mortgage and family to support.

  8. Oh, absolutely. And it's a sad day when Jack Hershey can't make 3 times the daily range.

  9. r-in


    7 points a day on one contract would be very good. Especially with the ranges for the past few weeks. One contract should be a starting level, and not counted on for making much day in and day out, but rather for learning and slowly conservatively building to another contract.
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