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    the wifey took her laptop to a friend's house and now can't connect to our wireless network at home....

    out of warranty on my router (linksys)

    I am not a networking guy and have searched the internet for answers, to no avail. Would anyone be so kind to help me with this problem? I am sure it is a simple fix but damn linksys wants to charge me $30 for support.
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  4. The following information is encrypted and you need to pay $35 to get the key. :)

    The first thing to do it to isolate the problem and go through a reset.

    Have you tried connecting to one of the RJ45 ports on the back of the router through a RJ45 cable? See if your laptop get network connections. If you are okay wired, but not okay with wifi, then the problem is with the wireless portion.

    The first level of reset is just to power off the router, wait for 30 second, power it on again. Do the same thing for the cable modem or DSL modem. If all works well, they should re-establish connections.

    As a last resort, then factory-reset your router. But this would mean you need to set it up again... typing in the SSID and WEP password, etc.. (Unless you use all default settings)
  5. Search for the wireless icon on the system tray and try to search for your wireless network. Assuming you have a passcode on your wireless network, just click your listed wireless network and enter the passcode.

    It sounds like your wife had the laptop join her friend's wireless network and upon returning home, your laptop may have "lost" your home settings or never saved your home wireless network settings.

    You shouldn't need to reach Linksys for support on this one. Like the previous post, you could troubleshoot by connecting to the Ethernet (wired) port to rule out any Wi-Fi issues but my assumption is just to manually connect to your network.
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  7. LVMises


    hard wire works, wireless doesn't. i receive a 'wire network connection is now connected' message, but the internet still doesn't work

    looks like i may have to do a factory reset
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    Are you using Linksys adapters on the other pc's at home?

    If so, and you do a reset of the router then u lose
    internet connectivity and then you will have to connect
    the ISP moden directly to one of the pc's.

    do you have a network cable that u can attach to one
    of the pc's and then into back of the router??
    If u can do this, then bring up your web browser and type in the address bar that will bring up a password
    screen for the router. Put nothing in the ID space and
    type "admin" in the password field. That will get u into
    the router menu.

    i'll wait a few minutes to see if u respnd.
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