Can't complain university is too expensive any more

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    Professor Daphne Koller will be teaching an free online course that everyone that programs should take.

    "Probabilistic Graphical Models"

    Stanford appears to be doing this more and more. If you scroll all the way to the bottom you can see other online courses. I love it! :cool:
  2. "University" is still grossly expense.

    "Eduction", however need not be... thanks the internet.

    Too bad there are not exams one could take to demonstrate their grasp of subjects... after having pursued a course of self-study... rather than being granted an expensive degree... which may or may not mean squat.
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    "College Flunks Four Times; Eliminates Tuition"

    "What if you didn’t have to pay college tuition? There were no tedious scholarship applications to fill out. And, you knew Sallie Mae wouldn’t be breathing down your neck when you graduate.

    It’s not a pipe dream for students enrolled at Antioch College. They don’t have to pay a dime for tuition.

    The unaccredited four-year private liberal arts college, about 30 minutes from Dayton, Ohio, is trying to resurrect itself. It reopened last year after financial problems forced it to suspend operations in 2008. To attract students, Antioch has eliminated the $26,500 annual tuition for at least the next four years..."
  4. Getting a degree from an unaccredited college is the same as printing your own degree on toilet paper.
  5. ...and then using it...
  6. College is way overrrated.

    I graduated from UPenn in 2003 and I can tell you i still know of many ex-classmates who are barely making ends meet.
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    I graduated from USC in 1996 and I can tell you I still know of many ex-classmates who are barely able to make their Bentley payments. :D