Can't break 25K ...HELP!

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by bat1, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. bat1


    What's wrong with me?

    Seems like no matter how much stock daytrading I do

    I always end up where I started...:confused:

    last Nov I started with 25K, today after over 100 trades or so going
    up and down..

    I have 25,600 in my account

    I think I fear success or a mental block

    25K seems like where I need to be for some reason

    Maybe somebody here can help me.. I'm stuck

    in advance

  2. 1) It could be worse.
    2) Withdrawl $10,000 from the account and see how long it takes for you to trade it back up to $25,000. When you get "there", withdrawl $10,000 and repeat the process over and over. :cool:
  3. Opens office door and motions to empty couch.......


    I'd be interested in hearing about some of your beliefs about trading and money.

    Trading wise: what type of trader are you? What type of profit are you trying to achieve when you trade? Do you have any problems initiating a trade such that your timing may be off or do you go for a quick profit when your real objective is to let profits run and trail a stop etc.

    Do you have any internal or external conflicts about trading?

    Is this a parttime gig for you or your full time career?

    What were some of your parental statements about money that you heard growning up.

    Have you had any personal financial setbacks that affect your thoughts about the value of money or the need to hold on to your principle and avoiding much risk/

    This are pretty in depth questions you may no wish to air the answers here.
  4. bat1


    let me work on these questions..

    thanks for helping me out....
  5. Most likey something to do with your parents. Maybe your pop beat the crap out of your mom if she spent more than $25 or something?

    Is there something 'on the otherside' of $25K that you fear? What I mean is, is there something you've said you will do if you get passed this point, like go full time, increase size etc?
  6. You need an edge/
  7. the1


    Sounds to me like he's got one. Most folks would have 5k left.

  8. last Nov I started with 25K, today after over 100 trades or so going
    up and down..

    I have 25,600 in my account


    So far you've figured out how not to lose money.
  9. GG1972


    I posted some links on robert's journal

    check em out- re- program your mind
  10. Eddie,

    Given my recent magnificent and stunning experience of losing 25k within a short span of a few days, I think I am uniquely qualified to help you break the barrier of 25k.

    The solution is very simple: Buy 5 contracts of CL in the next hour, hold them overnight, and sell them in the afternoon tomorrow. You will break the 25k barrier downward by $10,000. In other words, your account balance will be $15,000 tomorrow afternoon.

    You may ask me how it will happen. Let me explain: you will buy 5 contracts of oil (March 2010) at around $77 tonight. After tomorrow's oil inventory number, it will drop to $75. You will lose $2,000 per contract. Total: 5 X $2,000 = $10,000.

    However, if you want to break the barrier in the direction of the North, not South, I suggest you short CL 5 contracts in the next hour. Your account balance will be $35,000 tomorrow afternoon.

    I have offered you the most practical solution, no BS. You may thank me later tomorrow.
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