Can't blame this on Obama......

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  1. Because we were warned, in 1992.

    "It's kind of a chorus to do what Ross Perot did 20 years ago," says Maya MacGuineas, president of the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget. "Ross Perot became the face of this issue. I also think it's powerful to have many faces bringing the issue to different constituencies."

    At the time, Perot's plan called for raising taxes on income, gasoline and Social Security benefits. He wanted to cut defense by $40 billion more than Bush sought over five years and slash Medicare by twice that amount. Nary a sacred cow was spared -- particularly not the wealthy, who he said should pay more and get back less.
  2. What do you mean we can't blame obama as if he has nothing to do with our current & future situation?
    When people ignore the warnings shouldn't they be blamed: debt, benghazi, boston bombing?
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    Buckwheat has never been the king of logical thought around here. He has an agenda and he just tries to fit the round facts he finds into the square holes of his beliefs. It rarely works out for him. :D

    But the mere fact that he started a thread with this title implies that even he sees major screw-ups from Obama.