Can't believe it's come to this................

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    i bid $1
  2. Some of these items are sold for $1, sometimes $10, if the owner will develop the property, and has the continuing ability to pay the taxes.
  3. $ that.
  4. This was my take on Detroit in 2007-

    If Snake Pliskin passes on the sequel "Escape from Detroit", maybe they can get a special ops guy from one of those TV survival shows. He can do a night parachute drop into the city center with 50 Krugerrands, 10 cans of spam, and 1 anti-tank weapon. He can be extracted by Delta Force only if he survives 48 hours, and remains unsodomized.

    Those were the good old days. It's worse now.
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    Fond memories as a child going to many events in that stadium. No doubt, the state is in bad shape.