Can't access the Elite Home Page

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by taclander, Nov 13, 2008.

  1. Anyone else not able to access the home page since yesterday? Not sure what happened, I can get to the other pages, but not the Home page. I get:
    Error Executing Database Query.
    Unknown column 'deleted' in 'where clause'

    The error occurred in /Volumes/Sites/et_main/public/index.cfm: line 5

    3 : <cfif IsDefined("cookie.bbuserid")>
    4 : <cfquery datasource="elitedata" name="get_user_info">
    5 : select username, ignorelist, lastvisit from user where userid = #cookie.bbuserid#
    6 : </cfquery>
    7 : <cfquery datasource="elitedata" name="get_unread_pms">

    There is more underneath, but this indicated the error was in here.
  2. Nevermind, I just tried on other computers and it seems to be only this computer. Time to figure out what changed on this one and not the others. I love computers! :mad:
  3. newtoet


    90% of the technical problems would be resolved if you didn't look at porn and go to goofy sites on your trading computer.

    Not an attack on the OP specifically, just a general observation.
  4. LOL..dang busted again. This isn't my trading computer. I just trade on that, and do some flight sim, otherwise nothing else. Don't let anyone else in the family on it either. I think it was Zone Alarm. I went through settings and I must have changed something, but got it fixed. Had to retype the elite URL to get it to work which seemed odd.