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  1. Obchodovanie is a word from Slovak language and it means in English Trading.

    I am an average guy from a hearth of Europe and I make a living by trading fast growing stocks. In my website I want to share with my readers, my inside about the market, free technical analysis of possible trades and real time trade management of open positions, but here in this thread I want to submit my trades which will be down the road.

    I am a subscriber of Dan Zanger´s report (world record holder for making 42 000 000 from 10 000 in 3 years) and also Investor´s business daily newsletter. I trade same stocks as they do and I am giving it for free...


    This is how it should looks like a perfect trading day in the bullish market rally. Almost all stocks in my watch list end up in green. Two lagging stocks from leading stocks end at breakeven.

    You can see how fast the situation on the markets is changing. At the beginning of the week we was down in pre-market of more than 2,5% and now 3 days later the market tries to tell us that bears have no chance to pull it lower. Three days in a row was very bullish looking. Not only because a strong gains but because a heavy volume.

    I am still in cash but watching this market carefully, because in this season of the year (September - May) the most of the bullish markets occur.
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  3. was different thread when you said that market is looking down or I mixed up the threads ?

    I am 30% cash. Loaded around these levels. And looking for upmove as well.
  4. Yes I do we are still in the bearish flag but I post this because of the strong volume accumulation days which occur right at the lower trendline at the bottom of the bear flag...
    I am still 100% cash and still this market is danger for me but look at this accumulation days this could be sign of something....
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  5. macroman what stock do you bought?
    You do not wait for market uptrend and you buing the dips?
  6. i bought mainly resources.

    new arms race should support them nicely.

    No, I do not wait for confirmations any longer. HFT win every time.